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With our periodic magazine „Freude am Zeichnen“ (Joy of Drawing) we provide dedicated amateur artists in France and German-speaking countries with magazines of lasting educational and artistic value. Renowned international authors guide our readers through a diverse world of creative activities. The special issues are devoted to particular techniques or subjects. The series „Freude an Floristik“ (Joy of Floristry) aimes at people of all age groups who like to decorate with natural materials, no prior knowledge is required. The series „Freude am Basteln“ (Joy of Crafting) is specially aimed at families, primary schools and nurseries with child-oriented projects and instructions.


„Freude am Zeichnen“

The magazine „Freude am Zeichnen“ (Joy of Drawing) is dedicated to hobby artists who wish to expand their knowledge, perfect their techniques and try out new ones. Basics are conveyed in a simple manner with detailed pictorial instructions while advanced students gain valuable expert tips from our broad panel of professional artists. Easy to follow instructive online videos accompany various magazine topics.

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„Dessin Passion“

The magazine „Dessin Passion“ is the French edition of „Freude am Zeichnen“ (Joy of Drawing).

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„Freude am Schreiben“

Handlettering is the current top trend topic in the field of creativity and hobby art. More and more creative people are discovering the joy of writing decorative, hand-made typefaces. In this new magazine, instructors and lettering artists show the full diversity of this artistic hobby.

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„Freude am Basteln“

The magazine „Freude am Basteln“ (Joy of Crafting) offers children aged four and above a variety of topics related to crafts. Valuable, creative and educational projects are age appropriate and playfully easy to follow. Window pictures, handicrafts with different materials as well as entertaining painting and drawing games are not only a useful pastime, but also educational suggestions for meaningful play activities.

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Special Issues of „Freude am Zeichnen“

Children’s Media: PHILIPP the Mouse

In 1980 PHILIPP the Mouse, a classic and distinguished children’s character, started his career in picture books, TV episodes and non-books. Since then he has accompanied generations of growing children in various media formats, including children’s magazines, activity books and apps.
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Content Packager:

KIM designs and produces successful individual titles and book series for German and foreign language publishers – prepared ready for print by our own authors, illustrators and designers. The focus is always in-line with our core competencies: picture books, creative occupation for children, crafts, educational games and childrens nonfiction books on the one hand, on the other hand artistic creative activities for adults in the fields of drawing, painting and design.

Team of Authors:

KIM provides book publishers with concepts, images and texts for children’s books and nonfiction. Art director Hanne Türk is responsible for the high quality of the illustrations, Norbert Landa for the conceptual and textual quality.

Digital Media:

KIM develops and produces a broad range of interactive applications for children and creative adults as web apps, iPad apps, e-books, online tutorials, instructional videos and DVDs.


KIM supports companies from sectors such as books, toys and hardware in the development and implementation of innovative media concepts for children and can optionally provide contents.

PHILIPP the Mouse:

We are happy to license our content or parts of it to interested publishing partners.
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